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Black XT90E-M Battery Plug

Gold-Plated Male Connector DIY Connecting Parts

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Product Specifications

  • Model: XT90E-M Male Plug
  • Rated voltage: DC 500V
  • Rated current: 30A/12#
  • Instaneus current: 60A/12#
  • Contact resistance: 0.4mΩ
  • Using times: 100 times
  • Protection level: IP40
  • Temperature: -20℃ to 120℃
  • Recommended cable spec.: 8/10/12#
  • Weight: 7.9g/pc


  • can handle over 60A current for extended periods without exceeding 80DegC. The plug is also less likely to deform or melt in comparison to copied non-Nylon XT90 plugs.
  • The connector is a precision part, please be careful when using it
  • Do not plug or unplug the connector when the power is on

Advice: Although there are many clones more cheap to get than an original Amass version,we recommend to use the original ones, this ones have being more tested and go through more strict quality control methods. Don’t let your expensive race quad loosing connection because of a XT90