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500W Two Way Dual Dynamo

Pedal Power Bicycle Generator with Stainless Steel Roller for Bike Tire

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The PPG-R500-SS dual DC generator dynamo is a robust ball bearing double generator connected by a rock solid 2” x 3” roller. This design is made to mount against the rear tire of a bicycle. The two generators can be configured end to end (series) to generate over 80VDC.

Product Specifications

The two generators can also be wired in parallel to supply twice the current as a single generator. This dual generator unit can reach an absolute maximum power of over 500 Watts (See data below) This unit can be mounted on a bike stand plate that adjusts the height of the roller to have good contact to the wheel as shown in the photo. You will note there are two graphs showing on the product images. The first graph shown indicates the absolute max peak power that can be reached during a 10 second burst of speed also known as a “sprint” hitting over 500 Watts. The PPG-R500-SS was wired in series mode for this experiment and connected to a 14 Ohm load. The second graph shows 1 Amp Hour of battery charging which took about 10 minutes of pedaling. In this case the PPG-500R-SS was wired in parallel configuration to allow more current to be delivered to the 12V deep cycle marine battery.

  • Able to reach an absolute peak power level of 500 Watts (See graph chart)
  • Two Way Dual DC Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Made To Run off Rear Tire of Bicycle
  • The two generators can be wired independently or together in series or parallel
  • Good for charging 12V or 24V or 48V batteries using a fuse and charge controller
  • Industrial grade high quality stainless steel roller is used with dual set screws on each generator